Thursday, January 22, 2015

In Red

Despite many trends in makeup, which come and go, change so often - almost every season, red lipstick and red nail polish have always been in. An intense red shade adds a touch of glamor to an evening image and enchantingly complements an elegant outfit. That is why it is good to have 'something in red' in our beauty/makeup collection.
My current choice is a Grand Rouge moisturizing lipstick by Yves Rocher which contains camellia oil, vitamin E and organic sesame oil. Thanks to the creamy texture, it is really smooth and covers the lips evenly. Another positive feature: the red lipstick stays on the lips long, I do not need to reapply it again and again. I got this lipstick as a free gift when I ordered some other cosmetics from the Yves Rocher store - a great and very useful present (regular price = $16)!

A lipstick shade looks better on the lips when they are defined by a lip pencil. It enhances the color of the lips/lipstick. More over, a good lip liner is also supposed to prevent  a lipstick layer from bleeding.
I like the color of the Red Love lip pencil by Oriflame. The deep red looks gorgeous on the lips, and the tip of the pencil is very soft. It is easy to 'paint' all the lips red. However, a disadvantage is that during eating/drinking, the lip liner smears beyond the lip line and messes up the look. It is not a perfect lip defining tool but I like its shade, that is why I have kept it.
A better, and not that totally soft lip liner, is Long Wear Lip Definer (4240 Berry) by Oriflame also. This self-sharpening liner matches matches my red lipstick well, is soft enough to define the lips and does not bleed at all.

A red nail polish complements our evening chic appearance.

Revlon Sheer Nail Enamel

The Red (Revlon Sheer Nail Enamel) by Revlon, in my opinion,  is truly great. An intense red tone, the nail polish smooth application is nice and easy. It gets dry on the nails quite quickly, does not chip and lasts long (usually about a week time, at least five/six days), even when I do all the regular everyday washing and cleaning at home.

In Red in practice. Happy New Year!

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