Friday, December 12, 2014

Marsala: Fashion vs Style

Somebody has decided that Marsala shades are in this season. To those of you who do not know - Marsala is a kind of (also fortified) wine made in the area of Marsala, a city in Sicily/Italy. The dark color looks interesting on nails, including toe nails. However, such tones may not be beneficial for each and every face.
A few years ago I used to know a lady who wore Marsala lipsticks and nail polish most of the time (although they were rather called Burgundy not Marsala then). It was her style, her image, which really suited her well (meaning hair color, complexion type etc.) and enhanced her beauty.
The point is, fashion trends come and go, following them uncritically might be disastrous. The personal style stays and makes a person. Or maybe it is a person who makes their style, despite what others regard as being in or out.

402 Urban Purple Professional Finish by Rimmel London. The shade is more 'Marsala' in real than it seems in the picture. Good quality and quite long lasting.

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