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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Makeup For Cooler Weather 1

When the weather gets cooler, it is time to adjust the makeup to the changing temperatures and atmospheric conditions, different from the ones we used to have in the hot and steamy summer. Especially that makeup is not only supposed to enhance our beauty but also protect the skin.
Among many products by various brands there is quite a lot to choose from. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which cosmetic is best for myself unless I try it a few times. What's more, every so often it means trying again and again before I really find what my skin/face likes best or dislikes. Here are some examples of my favorite discoveries.

1. Foundation 

Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Light Reflecting Foundation SPF 10 by Clarins (in the above picture).
The foundation contains both plant and mineral ingredients including pink algae extract and opal powder. The first one has antiseptic properties and is rich in biologically active silicon (the plant grows in France). The other one comes from Brazil. It contains silica beads which fill in fine lines and give luminous, light-reflecting effect. What I also like about the foundation is that it hydrates the face skin and is quite light - gives medium coverage.

2. Compact Powder

The Ultralucent compact powder by Estee Lauder is great: non-comedogenic, good for sensitive and dry skin. It does give smooth and mat, flawless finish. Besides, this pressed powder sets makeup really well, without any kind of cakey effect on the face.The compact is quite handy to use both at home and when on-the-go.

3. Eye Shadows

High pigmentation and intense tones. I especially like the rusty bronze but all of them remind me colors of the autumn leaves.

My recipe for the Forest Quartet look:
  • Use the rusty shadow in the inner corner of the eye + to highlight the outer under eyebrow area.
  • Apply the dark brown shade to the upper eyelid, avoiding coloring the above.
  • Sculpt the outer corner of your eye and Crease with the green eye shadow. Blend all the shades with a brush.
  • Draw a thin line along the upper lash line + along 1/3 (from the outer eye corner) lower lash line with color no. 4
  • Emphasize the dark line on the upper eyelid (color 4) with the green eye liner.
4. Eye Liner

I hardly ever use black eye liners as I simply do not like the typical smokey eye look. That is why I have chosen the green, waterproof and self-sharpening eye liner by Avon. However, I would use it to draw lines on the upper eyelids  only. The tip of the liner is soft and its shade nicely defines the eye and the eyelashes line.

5. LipGloss

Simply glamorous! Shiny gloss which rather reminds a lipstick, considering nice coverage and creamy texture. The intense color lasts long on the lips and, in my opinion, is gorgeous. One of the best gloss lipsticks (two-in-1s) I have ever tried.

6. Black Mascara

Le Waterproof Mascara by Sephora which I have got happens to be a bit clumpy, but it is easy to clear the lashes, and separate them also, with the little comb (by Sephora too). The other side of this handy tool, the brush, helps me tame my eyebrows. The mascara is quite good, meaning its waterproof properties (I have not tried it in the pool though), and it is easy to wash it off with eye makeup remover.

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