Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Till The Last Drop: Lip Gloss

In the 'Till The Last Drop' posts I am going to write about products I have run out of and I enjoyed using, and I simply wish a bottle or a box of this particular product was not empty.
Today something connected with the past season - glittery lip gloss.

Soft Coral and Soft Pink of Power Shine collection by Oriflame were definitely my summer favorites. It is really a pity that the cosmetics made by this Swedish company are not available in the US (at least I have found such info on the Internet). Anyway, the gloss was quite light, when spread on lips it softened and smoothed the lip skin. The color of the gloss was visible but almost transparent at the same time. Both Soft Coral and Soft Pink contained little shiny particles which created a twinkling effect, especially in the summer sunshine.
When I first bought these Power Shine items, I was a bit surprised not finding any sponge on the lip gloss applicator. I thought it might have fallen of and got sunk in the gloss, as it sometimes happened when I was using lip gloss by other manufacturers.

The non sponge solution is actually called 'ShineBoost' and it worked quite well. The gloss was applied evenly but its layer was really thin. On the other hand,  the application was very efficient as no amount of gloss was lost - usually some part of it sinks in the sponge. All in all, the bottles of the lip gloss could be a bit bigger than 5ml ..

Miami Pink of Ultra Shine Lip Gloss collection by Sephora  is another nicely sparkling lip gloss but its formula is a bit thicker than the consistency of the gloss by Oriflame, mentioned above. Miami Pink is also more pigmented, it hydrated and distinctly smoothed my lips. The 'hour-glass' shape of the applicator, compatible with the line of the lips, is quite convenient and practical. The gloss lasted on my lips rather longer than the one by Oriflame. Ultra Shine Lip Gloss by Sephora is available in various shades.

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