Saturday, June 16, 2018

Father's Day

Our father Shrader Harold was born on 6 Sept. 1909 in Collin County, Texas. He had three older sisters and three older brothers. In the town of Plano, Shrader grew up, went to school and started his family (in 1939).

Father was a caring parent and a dear husband. He ran a little store in which he worked twelve hours a day to support his wife and children.

Dad was a kind and good man. He enjoyed the great food made by mom. At weekends, when he had some spare time, father liked listening to country and western music on TV.

During WW2, he sold the land in Plano which he had inherited after his parents and moved with his immediate family to Dallas. Dad did not want them to live in the middle of nowhere (which Plano very much was at that time) in case if he got drafted. People meant more to him than money.

Father passed on 12 October 1990. He lived 81 years and 36 days. He found his eternal resting place at Restland Cemetery in Dallas, TX.

Thank you, Sharder Harold, for your son, my wonderful husband.

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