Thursday, November 30, 2017

Movies Monthly: October

The shows which we enjoyed most.

TV Series 

The Collection - BBC - 2016 (drama) - the designers mother - her look remonds me of a lady I used to know.

Tracy Ullman's Show - 2016 (comedy) - BBC - funny but we are not always sure who is being portrayed in an episode (who that person is supposed to be). Thanks to the series we found out who the new husband of Jerry Hall's is. By the way, Jerry and my husband did go to the same high school.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries - 2013 Australian detective story

Murdoch Mysteries - the seventh season of the Canadian detective story - always enjoy watching it. If you do not know Murdoch was not only a bright minded detective but also a  smart inventor.

Documentary Series

The Civil War: Brothers Divided - 2017 - very informative shown with a presonal approach, naming the soldiers who took part in the battles on both sides of the war and what happened to them later.

Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Touring Bus (cartoon) - quite a different type of documentary. I did not know much about those country singers. An Interesting way of presenting their music careers/life stories.

Our October Classics

The Killer Elite - 1975 (action, thriller) - I watched it for the first time in the 80s.

Magnum PI - 1980 (crime, action) - we watched a few episodes of that old but enjoyable series.

The Blues Brothers - 1980 (musical, comedy) - great music and good, funny stuff.

Catch 22 - 1970  (drama, war) - it is not really a comedy, more a movie that makes you think of certain things. I have heard that the book by Joseph Heller is no longer on the reading lists in some school districts. If it is true you may think - why. Anyway, it was even more interesting to watch the movie.

Mockery - 1927 (drama) - silent movie - the story and the actors' parts are still interetsing to watch. Also because they are different than the nowadays moving pictures and the acting as well.

The Devil's Rejets - 2005 (crime) - finally I know where the line "What's the matter kid, don't you like clowns?" comes from.

Other Movies

Momentum - 2015 (action) - we had never seen an action movie filmed in South Africa. Pretty areas and a good action plot.

Postman - 1997 (adventure, drama) - one of the movies with a deeper message. I am not sure how many such brave mail deliverers wold be found today if it was needed.

Victor Frankenstein - 2015 (SF) - quite a different version of the traditional Frankenstein's story.

The Accidental Spy - 2001 (action, comedy) - always funny and entertaining Jackie Chan.

Bang Bang Baby - 2014 (musical) crazy but entertaining + good singing.

Pineapple Express - 2008 (action, comedy) stupid but entertaining.

Road to Perdition - 2002 (crime, drama) - good movie and a mafia man's story.

The Young Messiah - 2016 (drama) - the only movie showing Jesus as a little boy which I had ever seen. Nice and interesting approach.

When Time Expires - 1997 (SF) - We did enjoy watching it - the slowly developing plot is intriguing and involving but totally different from the nowadays SF movies.

Our Halloween Night Shows

Ten Little Indians - 1965 - a clasic based on the novel by Agatha Christie.

White Zombie - 1932 - The first zombie film - the original meaning of 'a zombie' shown in the movie.

House of Wax - 1953 - an early 3D movie + in color

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