Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Movies Monthly: September

Here are the films and TV shows which we enjoyed watching most in the month of September.


Hatfields & McCoys - 2012 (history) - with the family connection to McCoys (which I had found during my ancestry research project) it was very interesting to rewatch the tragic family history. This time, we looked at all the events from a more personal angle. Our connection to McCoys was Ms. Barbara Trollinger (born in 1768). In 1796 she married William McCoy who was Asa Harmon McCoy's uncle.


Beslan - Three Days in September - 2006 - school starts in Poland on September 1 as well. On that day in 2004, I started another school work year - everything at our school went smoothly, as usual. The opening school year ceremony and the all school gathering lasted for about a half an hour, then students went to the classrooms to meet their teachers and get their classes schedules. That was all. At the same time in Beslan, such horrifying things happened and lasted much longer than one school-day only. In my opinion, everybody should watch the documentary, maybe they could see then what appalling deeds are certain people capable of.

Expedition Texas - the episodes which we watched had been aired in 2016 (season 7) - little known but interesting facts about places and (old) buildings in Texas.

The Vietnam War  - 2017 - very informative and educational series. I was born when the war had already begun. I lived in Poland, I was little and Vietnam was far away in Asia. Never had I realized how long the war lasted and how very much deceived those men had been until I watched the series. They all were the victims of the war.

It is stunning how current some comments and slogans from the 70s, showed in the documentary, seem to be. "Our flag - love it or leave" for example. A lot of interesting facts and materials make the show quite a history lesson.

The last part of the series I found very moving. Our brother is a Vietnam veteran as well.

Our Classics of September

Platoon - 1986 (war) - we watched it as the post-final part of The Vietnam War series. Many historical facts mentioned in the documentary were included in the movie.

Cobra - 1986 (action) - another Stallone's film which is good to rewatch from time to time.

Dune - 1984 (SF)  - I used to have the book which the movie was based on. The book (original version in English) was thick, full of descriptive parts. It was interesting to see the visual version of it. Quite well-made, I did enjoy watching the movie.

Seven Years in Tibet - 1997 (biography, drama) - if you have not seen it, you should. Certainly worth sparing your time to watch the 1997 version of the film. I have not seen the original Austrian story made earlier in the 50s.

 Network - 1976 (drama) - it is sad how the movie TV premonition seems to be very much a reality right now. "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this anymore!" feels still current too.

Other movies

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - 2016 (fantasy) - interesting, involving and entertaining + many nice computer effects.

The Lucky Ones - 2008 (drama) - unfortunately, as it was shown in the movie, many people neglect not only the ex and present service men and women as persons but their sacrifices as well.

Land of Mine - 2015 (war, history) - a tricky title - it meant something totally else than you could think.

Sister - 2016 (drama) - it is commonly known that a family environment has a great impact regarding child's development and life. That influence obviously may be positive or negative. The film shows an interesting example of it all + how the bond between siblings may change and grow.

Tremors 1- 4 (SF) - the original first part (1990) and the fourth "The Legend Begins" were the most enjoyable ones of the four.

Suicide Kings - 1997 (drama) - a weird but interesting story.

Eagle Eye - 2008  - a bit different action film.

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