Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Have You Ever Collected Any Items?

Have you ever collected any items? Maybe you still do? What is it?

When I was little I took up collecting postcards, stamps, pocket calendars and holy cards. Not too mention music cassettes. Then, for many years, I almost forgot about it all. I stopped collecting anything although I did not get rid of what I had gathered. It was stuck somewhere on the shelves. Many years later, I have tried to enlarge my small collection sets. I was not able to take all my aggregation to Texas when I was moving, that is why I had to start from the beginning. Like many other things. It has not been easy, though. Hardly anybody sends postcards these days. It seems pocket calendars have been forgotten as well.

 The Polish Ladies Abroad have supported my collecting tries. Thanks a lot!


You will find the links to Our Twins' Drawer Collection pages on the right side of this blog. One drawer is actually too big for our stuff. At least right now. 馃槉

My Pocket Calendars - visit the page to see some of them + what else in our Drawer is.

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