Friday, May 27, 2016

My Music ABC: D

Time for the next part of my Music Alphabet in which I tell you about bands - and musicians which I have been found of most of my life (in different degree though). I listen to some of them less often these days, but the sentiment and memories connected with their music still remain rather vivid.

Deep Purple

They were one of my first and biggest music affection and I still like the music by Deep Purple today. Some time ago, I listened to one of their albums again. Despite all the years which had passed, their songs stay so fresh, alive and vivacious. When I listened to "Highway Star", "Space Truckin'"  and other tacks, somehow I felt like coming home. Frankly speaking, it was quite a strange but nice feeling at the same time. Whatever it was - response of my European soul, reuniting with the European culture, or my teenage years maybe.

Anyway, I have already mentioned in my previous posts that in the 70s, music and record stores in Poland were much different to the ones in west European countries. Of course, they had many records on offer, but not the ones I would have wanted to get. Although, current non Polish rock (and other 'modern' genres) music was available to listen to on the radio, it was hardly ever possible to find it in a record store. You could only buy an LP from someone who had brought it to Poland from abroad. Luckily, there were such people who were able to travel outside of the country because of different reasons.

I first saw the album 'Deep Purple in Rock' at my high school pal's cousin's. Since I loved the songs (especially 'Child in Time') and the owner of the record was not very keen on it, I though to myself: 'I am going to buy it'. Well, I had the plan but no money. It took me some time to save enough cash, but finally, my dream came true and I got the album. It looked like brand new. Both the cover and the vinyl were in a very good shape as the boy did not listen to Deep Purple at all. Needless to say, I was extremely happy with the purchase! These days, when you can get/order anything and everything online or in stores, it is hard to explain what that buy meant to me.
All in all, I got another record by Deep Purple (with some of their greatest hits) much later, when I was in holiday in Bulgaria. However, that LP was not so much valued by myself as 'In Rock'.

The Doors

I have always cared more about music than the musician's lifestyles, visage or image in general. Partly because that kind of news were scarcely available where I was growing up, partly because I have never been much interested in celebrities/their lives. Well, quite ironically, in some cases more information could have possibly ended my music interests.

Last year, I watched a movie based on the biography of Jim Morrison. If the facts/ his personality shown in the film were true - rather tragic life he had. But maybe that was what made him create all the great songs.
Anyway, listening to music tracks we usually do not think of what was/is behind the music, unless we can see part of a live concert as in the movie about John Morrison or eg. a different one, by somebody else, called 'The Song Remains the Same'.

There were more rock and pop Ds which I sometimes listened to. Nevertheless, since they have never been my favorites, I am not going to mention them here. On the other hand, I am planning to include Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich in my 'O' post.

Classical D


I like the atmosphere of his music - with no special favorite pieces. Well, maybe besides 'Slavonic Dances'.

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