Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ton's Mongolian Grill

Ton's Mongolian Grill in Grand Prairie is a place where we like to visit from time to time, when we happen to be in the area. The reason is the food which we enjoy having there and quite reasonable prices as well.
If you have never been there, it is a type of buffet place where you can choose what you like to eat and you can have as much as you like. Then, it is cooked/grilled on a hot stove top.
If you fancy meat - there are thinly sliced, frozen pieces of beef and chicken, some fish and sausage. If you are vegan or vegetarian you can choose your vegetables only option. I personally like adding some beans sprouts to my plate (besides other things of course). 
Nevertheless, no matter what you crave for on a certain day, it is important how you spice it and the proportions of the seasoning you pour into your bowls. I have noticed, some people tend to flood their food with a lot of oil, which results in high flames of fire when it all is placed on the grill. Obviously, it makes the meal burnt and spoils its taste. Not to mention that it can be also dangerous to the cooks.
I usually take one (only one - even if I happen to have two bowls) measure/ladle of sesame oil, one measure of cooking cherry and soy sauce. At the very end, I top it with one scoop of garlic. To add some extra flavor, I also choose one or two rings of jalapenos.
After that, go to have it cooked - with some rice and an egg - or with double rice portion/ without anything - it is up to you. Mind your place in the line though. Once it happened to me that some guys messed up with the queue - they changed their places, skipping us - and I ended up with a plate of somebody else's meal. That person got mine. Well, to make the matters worse, the girl started eating 'my' food with her fingers. That was why I had no other choice but doing my 'bowl and food run' again. And had it all cooked again.

Since, a few portions of food are grilled at the same time, sometimes it happens I find on my plate carrots or some other pieces which are not of my choice. They just accidentally get mixed during the cooking process. It does not bother me though, usually there are only just a few of 'not mine stuff', I put them a side if I do not like them.
The meal is followed by vanilla ice cream and a Chinese fortune cookie. We like having them both at the same time, they just match so well! Despite being rather plain, the dessert tastes really good (according to us) and both of us enjoy having it.
What else? When you arrive and you are showed to your table, you can also order a soup or an additional portion of rice. We have tried the soups. I neither recommend the hot and sour one nor the egg drop. Not of my taste at all.

The interior of the place is simple but pleasant enough. Personally, I find the Chinese landscape printouts quite nice. The waitresses are usually attentive and diligent. When there are more customers, it is obvious, they are not able to be at all the tables at once.  Anyway, the service has never been a problem there.

We generally like the place but, frankly speaking, it has one disadvantage - the toilets could be improved. On the other hand, I have seen worse restrooms in much more expensive restaurants which I do not name here.

All in all, whenever we are nearby the Ton's Mongolian Grill and we have enough time to stop there, we do. The meal is always a kind of a treat. You can have more than one helping (we sometimes get more ice cream) or if you do not like your lunch/dinner (on the contrary to a regular food place), you can make yourself another portion of a different food selection. All for a good price.

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