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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hand Made Rifle Peep Sight Sock

I have been asked to make a rifle peep sight sock. It was quite an unexpected request but I am glad I could help someone who needed it.

FavTreats Hand Made Rifle Sight Sock by AleksandraG

Here is the story.
At first the sight was covered with some bubble wrap provided by the sight maker.

Obviously, both the fragile piece and the rifle need special protection, to prevent them from being broken or scratched. So the plastic wrap was very appreciated but, unfortunately, it was not quite practical considering further usage and storing.

That is why a little sock was needed. I sewed it by hand (used a piece of soft cotton cloth). If I was making it for myself, I would probably used some colorful thread, to make it more decorative. But we do not need such a thing. Besides, I guess what matters most is the sock's practical usefulness, not its decoration.

FavTreats Hand Made Rifle Sight Sock by AleksandraG

If you need such a sight protection, I could make it for you too. ;-)

FavTreats Hand Made Rifle Sight Sock by AleksandraG

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