Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blogging: 3 in 1

I have decided it is time for me to merge the three blogs which I run, and make them one and the same Internet space called FavTreats.

My other blogs are: In The Kitchen With Tobo and Our Cats & Friends. I started the previous one when I moved to the US. I shared my kitchen - cooking and baking - experiences there, meaning  learning, trying new recipes  + something more.  At first I posted pictures only, later I was adding some texts also.

In The Kitchen With Tobo

From the blog description: This blog has never meant to be just another cookery Internet space or a cook blog. There are so many such pages with interesting, useful recipes you can try in your kitchen. Another one is not really needed then. That is why if you are searching any particular recipes, probably you won't find them here.
Somebody has said that kitchen is the heart of home. I do agree that kitchen is not only about cooking. It is also about sharing and being together - with your family and friends. And about learning too, which means not only cooking again. Anyway, I do love learning the Southern cooking and trying new recipes.
But it is only a part of it all which really matters.

 Our Cats & Friends

The other blog had its beginning much earlier, in 2008. It is dedicated to all the pets and animals we meet on our ways who have made our days brighter and more joyful. Just to save them from being forgotten. Not many words but much love.

Our cats

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