Monday, February 2, 2015

Eye Pencils: In Blue

I am so glad that the Big Makeup World has finally appreciated colorful eye pencils and eye liners. In my opinion, lighter shades 'open' the eye and add the light to the look. My favorites have always been various tones of blue and green (my eyes are brown), and I have worn them no matter what a current makeup trend says.

My choice of blue eye pencils:
all of them (besides no.3) are creamy and soft which makes the application quite comfortable. The colors stays on the eyelid long and do not fade/smudge.

1. Dessin Du Regard Crayon Yeux Haute Tenue - No. 9 Turquoise by YSL
The eye pencil contains jojoba oil. The blending tip is quite handy considering creating a 'smokey eye' look option.

2. Waterproof Eye Pencil - Turquoise by Yves Rocher is enriched with Chamomile extract. I really like its radiant shade. The built-in sharpener is quite and useful. The winner in my 'waterproof  qualities' test.*
4.  Flashy Liner Waterproof - No. 08 Flashy Blue - by Sephora
It is really great - a lovely vivid, metallic/shiny blue shade. The tip is soft and silky. I could not find more info on the pencil as it seems to be discontinued but it is long-lasting indeed. No.2 in my 'waterproof qualities' test*.

3. Sky Teal by Apple - this eye pencil (I do not know anything about its manufacturer) is actually the weakest (meaning quality) so it should be marked as no. 4. On the other hand, even though its tip is a bit harder, comparing to the other pencils, there are no problems with drawing a thin, precise line and defining the eye with the Sky Teal. I like the color. Also, the eye pencil was inexpensive, which makes it quite a good option to all the more pricey stuff.
* I tested all four eye pencils in the shower.

Below: an example of my everyday makeup with a blue eye pencil. I keep the makeup light as at my age more intense tones would not look good. On the other hand, it does not mean the older you get, the more boring your makeup must be - a blue/turquoise (or other color) eyeliner adds some freshness and lightness to the look.

What I used:
  • eye shadows  (all blended together)  - beige, light orange-gold, light blue and lavender by Yves Rocher 
  • Flashy Blue eye pencil - by Sephora 
  • black waterproof mascara by Sephora

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