My Beauty Profile

My opinion on cosmetics / the products which I choose and how I rate them is very much influenced by my personal beauty profile described below. 


  • Skin - sensitive, combination to dry: normal in the T line (forehead, nose, and chin), cheeks and neck on the dry side.
  • Allergies - part of my face, due to the damaged facial nerve, is very sensitive to scents and various ingredients including anti-age care. The more natural ingredients a face care product/ cream contains and the less scented it is, the better. Which means such a product is less likely to trigger a very painful reaction of the facial nerve.
What I expect regarding the face care products: moisturizing, revitalizing, diminishing fine lines.

What I expect regarding the makeup products: moisturizing, skin smoothing, covering some skin discolorations, staying in place for at least eight hours.


  • fine,
  • straight,
  • soft and easily styled,
  • dyed,
  • medium length/ sometimes shorter.

What I expect regarding the hair care products: strengthening the hair, making it light and look fresh and fluffy; volumizing.

Body and Hands

  • Skin - on the dry side, no allergy problems.


  • Tend to chip - working on some improvement.

Please be aware that the same beauty items which I write about may be more or less adequate for the persons who have different skin types/needs than my own. 

Have a good day!