Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Foundation for Winter by Yves Rocher

The cold and freezing temperatures have been reminding us that the winter started for good. Adjusting ourselves to the weather conditions, besides wearing proper clothing and boots, we also should remember that our face needs some protection too. Well, some may choose to wear a kind of hat which also covers the face but I do not think it would be convenient to wear it all day long. Besides, I am not sure whether it would help the skin. In the winter, the face skin exposed to the cold air outside and the warm air of the heating when in a building, tends to get dry (or at least drier than usual) or red. That is why using a moisturizer and wearing a 'winter' foundation may help.

The Comfort Cream Foundation by Yves Rocher does comfort my face when in the cold season. Its creamy, light and non-drying texture helps a lot not only because of its moisturizing properties (it contains safflower oil). The foundation also covers all the blemishes and reddish skin spots and gives a luminous, and flawless look to normal/dry skin. More over, it hydrates the skin so nicely and it does last all day. I have no problems with the smooth application of the foundation, even with using the fingers only.
The product's manufacturer informs that this cosmetic was tested under dermatological supervision - it does not clog skin pores /irritate my skin/eyes. I like the shape of the glass container too -  it allows to enjoy the foundation till its last drop.

Great face treatment in the wintertime

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