Thursday, January 15, 2015

Face care: Thermal Water by Vichy

The  Thermal Water by Vichy is quite amazing. It contains fifteen minerals, which are  vital considering the skin needs, including calcium, iron,  magnesium, potassium, silicon and manganese.
What is important, it does not make my skin dry/'shrink' as the tap water does.  Just the opposite - it pleasantly refreshes, soothes and protects the skin as well.
I bought it some time ago with the thought of the summer weather conditions. I considered I could use it as a cooling aid on a hot day. And yes! The thermal mist sprayed on the face helped a lot and brought a wonderful relief during the steamy season! I carried it in my bag and used it when the humid weather was difficult to bear with. Meaning often. Although, due to high temperatures, the cooling and refreshing effect was only temporary, it made a great and enjoyable change when outside.

Recently, since the winter cold fronts from the north have made us have the heating on most of the time, making the air inside + my skin dry, I reminded myself about the thermal water which I had in a closet. The misty spray works well as an instant moisturizing aid too - as good in the winter and as it was in the summer.
Actually, it is supposed to be used as a daily face skin cleansing routine treat, regardless of the season: applied mornings and evenings before using a nourishing/moisturizing cream.

From the manufacturer: the Thermal Water is hypoallergenic, tested under dermatological supervision and suitable for sensitive skin.

A great face skin treat.

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