Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Eye Makeup: Glittery Glitter

I am a great fun of these glittery, nicely pigmented  eye shadows by Sephora. Each of them contains tiny, glittery, star like particles which add the sparkling light to the makeup. They are long lasting, paraben free and 'eye friendly' - the shimmery and pearly pigments do not irritate my eyes. What's more, they simply give a flawless and pretty look.
I have had these eye shadows for some time (I decorated them with the two flowers to cover some obvious spots which appear when an eye shadow disappears) and I have been using them in various combinations - blending all the three shades or adding another one of a different brand. The white eye shadow works great as a highlighter too.
Although Tender Pink and Tango Night are no longer available in the current Sephora Collection (and Wedding Day is marked as No. 67 now), there are still other, also similar colors, on offer.

The blue lagoon eye shadow by Clinique complements the above colors, eg. used to crease, as the shimmery factor is much lighter and more delicate than the one in the glittery shades described above. What is important, the eye shadow is suitable for very sensitive eyes. Well, I find it quite beautiful and it looks lovely when used on its own as well. The Lagoon is part of  'All About Shadow Single' collection which includes Soft Matte, Soft Shimmer and Super Shimmer colors.

3W Lagoon - Soft Shimmer - by Clinique

Another slightly glittery product is the eye and cheek luminizer by Sephora. This little thing adds some twinkling magic to the makeup when I use all mat shades. It gives sheer, almost transparent coverage so it can be applied on any matte shade or on 'naked' face/ eyelids. It is also paraben free so my skin and eyes like it too. I was hesitating whether to by this luminizer or not as it was not cheap. I am glad I finally decided to purchase it - since I use only a little while applying it, it will last long. Besides, the shade has already been discontinued.

And now the eye liner - to complete the eye makeup. It has no stardust or shimmery ingredients but the bright blue color by Oriflame defines the eye in a grand but also cute way. In my opinion, it is a good quality product - its texture allows to draw precise, thin and thicker lines, it does not smear and stays on the eyelids long.

Finally, if you feel like adding a glowing, golden touch to the eye, you can decorate the eyelashes with this Shimmer Tips mascara by Avon (after applying a regular black mascara to the entire eyelashes). I bought it some time ago, when it was available, but I do not use it very often. Actually, I have never tried it with the all glittery eyeshadow makeup. Certainly it is not a part of my everyday look but it can add some fun to the carnival or party image.

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