Monday, January 12, 2015

Eye Care: Eye Gels

Today something about the treatment of the delicate (and thin) skin under and around the eyes.
1. Eye Contour Gel by Clarins
This gel, meant both for eyelids and under-eye area, reduces puffiness and dark circles. It is really great as it is very gentle and effective as well. The skin absorbs it quite quickly and the gel formula  does not cause any irritations. Besides, it can be used as a makeup base and applied on the makeup also. I have used it to refresh the under-eye makeup area during the daytime, when I felt some drying discomfort - it worked really fine - the gel rested the skin and did not ruin the makeup.
The Eye Contour gel contains:
  • Concentrated Rose Water - the water does magic to the skin: soothes, softens and makes it look better;
  • Palmetto - refreshing properties.
The eye gel is really worth its price as I am not allergic to it and it invigorates the skin effectively. 

2. Under-Eye Gel Treatment by Sudden Change
This gel wakes up my under-eye area. It also helps to diminish the puffiness and brighten the dark circles. The Under Eye-Gel Treatment relaxes the skin and smooths thin lines. It is a bit thicker than the gel described above.
The product contains:
  • Arnica extract - reduces swelling/puffiness;
  • Haloxyl - anti-anging agent, improves the dark circles appearance.
All in all it works quite fine. Unfortunately, only part of my face enjoys this under-eye gel treatment. The other part cannot stand it as some of the gel ingredients  trigger my allergy. It is a pity because the price of the eye gel (around $9) is quite an advantage. Anyway, I still use this product from time to time but, due to my allergy, I will not buy it again.

Both gels are quite good (besides the allergy thing). However, since my skin is a bit dry, it requires something more than a gel only to hydrate it well enough. That is why an under-eye moisturizing cream is also needed (applied some time after using a gel).

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