Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Instead of New Year's Resolutions And How To Stay Active

There was no tradition of making New Year's resolutions where I grew up. We did celebrate New Year's Eve and had parties of course but since at that time everyday life was  quite difficult and unpredictable, maybe that was why planning such things like eg: 'I am going to get more sporty' would have been quite irrelevant. Everybody was exercising themselves being busy with adjusting to current circumstances and trying to make the most of every coming day.
I guess it all made me more flexible. Maybe that is also a reason why I see no point in making resolutions. When I want to change or work on something, I do not wait till the next year comes. I try to do it whenever it is possible, on a constant basis.
One of these things is all which I call 'move yourself' - from moving around the home while doing all the housework, up to different forms of exercising. It may be, for example: gardening (if you have a garden), walking your dog (if you have a dog), dancing (if you like it), going to a gym (if you are a gym kind of person) or any other sports activity which requires moving yourself from a sofa or getting out of the car.

I like walking. Unfortunately, most of us (including myself)  tend to sit too often and too long, so it is good for our bodies if we can do something to be fitter.

Nice walking area in Fredericksburg.
When it is too hot or too cold to walk outside, a mall can be a good place to practice walking. It can be fun if you have someone to walk with - you can chat, watch nice things and look for bargains at the same time. However, if it is to be a sporting activity, done frequently, it is better to do window shopping only, instead of exercising our wallet again and again.

With Krystyna - a very best friend of mine -  we did thousands kms together, walking here and there...
I enjoyed our walks a lot
If walking is not possible for you, you can join a group of your interest or take part in social activities organized by your church. My mum took up computer classes and started learning a foreign language when she was in her late seventies. It is never too late to broaden our horizons! And quit saying - it is not for me. You do not have to be a professional painter to start painting or drawing. The point is, you can try creating positive things, be among/with other people (or on your own if you prefer it) and enjoy it.
I have always liked being creative and making something nice and useful. It is quite a different way of ' moving myself' though. Anyway, so far I have tried creating things doing:
  • embroidery - ages ago;
  • crocheting - I tried it and made a few things but I did not like it, so my crocheting career did not last long;
  • knitting - while making sweaters: the more patterns or colors - the more fun I had doing it;
    One of my sweater creations - actually this long sweater is more like a dress
  • sewing - making clothes and hats for myself was real fun (if I still had my sewing machine, probably I would post more on clothing);
    A blouse made by myself
  • DIY home redecorating - the results were always very enjoyable;
  • 'computing' - computer and Internet projects;
  • baking and cooking.
Some people tend to complain that life is boring. There are so many interesting things to do (also when you are at home) and so many places worth visiting - museums, art galleries, botanic gardens and more!

Wishing you all a very best year!

Christmas walk

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