Thursday, January 8, 2015

Eye Makeup: Everyday Look

Eye makeup and makeup, in general, has always been to me what painting on canvas may be to others. A way of expressing myself, yes, but also the fun of playing with colors. Although I appreciate the 'nude look', I have always been more on the 'luminous look' side: bright shades and colorful liners. Why should I wear dull and one-tone eyeshadows only if the world (and the world of makeup) is full of colors! Which does not mean looking ridiculous as I do adjust (at least I try) the makeup style to everyday life circumstances and occasions. Another thing is, that due to my complexion and beauty type, dark shades on my face make me look sick and sad. It all results in quite a delicate but still bright eye makeup.

Here is one of its options:

1. Eyeshadows:
a) white - in the inner eye corner and in the eyebrow arch;
b) shimmery golden-beige - on the eyelid;

Eye shadow from Eyeshadow Palette by Yves Rocher
c) light pink - crease;
d) light blue - outer eye corner and more or less 2/3 line along the lower eyelashes line;

Both eye shadows from Profusion Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette
 e) eye pencil - a line along upper eyelashes line

Waterproof eye pencil by Miss Claire - the liner is quite well pigmented, smooth and creamy and does not smear

g) black mascara
The light shades create a soft, bright look.

2. Lips
a) for 'bolder' look: a pink lip pencil eg: the one by Estee Lauder described here + a vivid pink lipstick ( Vivid Impact Lipcolor, 08 Sweet Tart by Max Factor - intense and saturated color) ;

b) for softer look: a nude beige lip liner by Oriflame (self-sharpening liner, really soft, shapes lips nicely) + Luminelle Lipstick (Chestnut) by Yves Rocher.
The Chestnut lipstick's texture is creamy and moisturizing. It makes the lips look smooth and gives a sheer glossy coverage.

Here - you can see 'me' in this bright makeup :). I do not color my eyebrows - they are naturally black.
Another option for the pink and blue look is quite simple (below) and I used to wear it more often in the past.
Pink and blue eye shadows, eye liner and mascara option.

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