Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Food: Pearl Chinese Restaurants

About a year ago we went to a Pearl Chinese restaurant for the first time. Actually, it was more a takeaway place than a restaurant. However, there were a few tables too, so you could sit and enjoy your meal. What we did, as the little place had a lot of really enjoyable items (for a very good price) on their menu. Great, tasty food including the best sweet and sour sauce in the world!
Each lunch special was served with rice and an egg roll. The meals were so big (too big for us) there that we simply shared a dish, and still had plenty of food for each of us.
These days, we are not able to go there too often - but when we happen to be around, it is always a pleasure to have a meal at that Pearl (they do not serve lunch on Sundays), also because the place is run by a very nice and kind lady whom we like too.
We have learned that the little Pearl place is part of the Pearl Chinese Restaurant chain as we found another, a bit bigger Pearl, somewhere else. With very tasty food again. The menu is quite similar to the one in the place described above, although here, the lunch price (besides the main dish) includes also a soup (three soups on the menu) + chips. Lunch specials are served Tuesdays/Sundays. What the two places also have in common is that they do not offer drink refills. But it is really worth stopping by and having a meal there.

Lunch menu items by a Pearl Chinese Restaurant.

 Encouraged by our positive experiences at the two Pearl food places, we also tried one in the South of TX. Our Pearl no. 3 was a real restaurant, considering its size. The menu they had was surprisingly different, meaning both the list of dishes and prices. Besides, the price of a 'plate' did not include rice and an egg roll - which at first was a bit disappointing - but the quality of the food was really rewarding. When we tasted the meals (plenty of food per person too!) we were served, all our prior doubts were gone. It was all really delicious.
So if you like Chinese food, when you happen to be by a Pearl Chinese Restaurant, simply give it a try. Hopefully, you will not be disappointed!

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