Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Texas Alphabet: V for Virtual

The idea for this alphabet post series comes from ' The Alphabet of My Emigration' by Dee Dorota L., member of The Polish Ladies Abroad Club, who has relocated to England. I have also decided to join the project and write about My Texas Alphabet twice a week.

Although computers and computer projects have been part of my job for years, it used to be only work - which I enjoyed, but it was nothing really personal at the same time. Just work. Things have changed a lot since I met my husband. The computer, technology and Internet connection have become vital part of my personal life. God bless all the people who have created online communicators and invented Internet phone cards/ calls! Thanks to all the modern technology solutions, despite being in two different parts of the world, the two of us could communicate daily - many times a day. Considering the prices of the traditional, international phone calls it was a real life (and our wallets) saving possibility.

These days, our family life is also partly virtual, in a another way though. We use the same means of computer based communication tools to talk to my mum and family in Poland. It is so good to be able to see them and talk (for free) online. I often wish we could go through the computer screen and hug each other or share a cake mum/I just baked. Sometimes, the connection is so bad that we can hardly understand each other. It is a bit frustrating then. On the other hand, I am really happy with what is possible nowadays. We can share things and our lives and be close, despite the physical and geographical distance between the places where we are. And be together, even if it is an online  meeting only.
Talking on the phone, when you cannot see the other person, is not the same. Luckily, since the phone cards (Internet connections again) have made international calls much cheaper, my family and friends in Poland can contact me, and I can call them, any time we feel like saying something to each other. No matter if we are at the computers or not.

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