Friday, January 29, 2016

Fredericksburg Brewery

Fredericksburg Restaurant and Brewery, established in 1994, is our favorite food place in this charming town of Texas Hill Country.

Due to their delicious meals and top quality beer, the place is popular with visitors and always full of customers eager to indulge in the tastes of Fredericksburg Brewing Co. That is why, whenever we happen to be there, we are ready for some waiting time before we are seated at a table. The waiting room, nicely decorated with flags from all over the world and German inn style wall paintings, is also a beer chamber where you can order the drink, sit on a wooden bench and await till your dining time comes.

I was pleased to see the Polish flag there...

While waiting, it is also a good time to take pictures.

Flags decorate also the restaurant room.

European 'section'

US area

The restaurant offers various meal options, including German dishes, Southern style ones, sandwiches, salads, appetizers and sides (see their menu here). It is difficult to make up your mind and choose one - all is so delicious! I usually order a German dish for dinner, as it is something I can get in Fredericksburg only. Besides, it reminds my familiar tastes of Europe too.

The quality of the meal is certainly worth waiting.

One of my favorites: Jager schnitzel. The bread is so good too!

What is also special about Fredericksburg Brewing Co. - amazing beer is made there. The place reminds me some inn in south Germany which I have happened to visit. There, I could also see big and shiny beer tanks which where part of the brewery/inn interior.

Five kinds of medal awarded beer are made by the Fredericksburg Brewing Company. My number one is Enchanted Red Rock Ale.

Santa stopped at the Brewery too.

Our lunch meal treat.

All in all, there is no visit in Fredericksburg without having a meal at the Brewing Co. restaurant place. Whenever you plan to go to the Texas Hill Country, put it on your 'things to do and see' list too.

Fredericksburg Brewing Co. website

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