Friday, July 31, 2015

Everybody Is Somebody in Luckenbach, Texas

Luckenbach is quite a curious place. The only one of its kind. Situated not far (nineteen miles) from Fredericksburg, in Hill Country, TX. The small place was settled by German immigrants in 1850. It was quite unknown until a popular Texas character, named Hondo Crouch, bought it from the family who had lived there since the very beginning of the little hamlet. Luckenbach's country music life and fame started developing then: among others - Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings performed there.

What is so special about Luckenbach? It is actually a ghost town but it is always full of people: musicians who gather there and give live country music concerts, country music lovers and all the guys who come to Luckenbach to feel and enjoy its leisure atmosphere. The old general store is the main meeting spot and visitors' site. The store used to be a post office - these days it is also a beer tavern. Besides, there is a traditional dance hall (you can dance on its wooden floor most weekends) and a blacksmith shop (used sometimes only).
Sitting beneath old live oaks you can relax, listen to music and watch roosters that rule in Luckenbach. They walk freely around the entire area, jump on high tree branches and look down on all the tavern visitors. Everybody is somebody in Luckenbach :).

When we came to Luckenbach, we met a man who was selling cowboy hats near the tavern. We talked to him for a while - as he learned we were about to get married, he offered to marry us at the spot - he appeared to be a local pastor. Well, if  we had not arranged our marriage in Fredericksburg, we might  have accepted his idea and invitation. With all the musicians present there and all the 'guests' enjoying the local spirit, we could have had quite an unforgettable wedding party in Luckenbach.

Yes, we almost got married in Luckenbach.

Not far from the old general store, there is also another souvenir shop, quite different to the antique post office. Tho shop is run by a man, descendant of the German settlers who used to live in Luckenbach.

Luckenbach artist and shop owner

If you are lucky and his shop is open, you can talk to him, buy a piece of granite decorated (by the man himself) with pictures depicting bluebonnets or/ and have a glass bottle engraved by him (eg. with some signs and a picture of armadillo). I am so glad we managed to meet him too!

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