Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It Is Hot Again, Take Good Care of Your Pets!

The hot summer season has already been here and hotter and hotter day are to come soon. Remember - you are not the only one who gets hot and tired in the heat, your pets suffer too! Especially, if they are not hydrated properly. So whether you take them on a trip or leave them at home - provide them with fresh water. Not only you get thirsty when it is hot. So do your pets.

Let them stay in and do not keep them outside too long. Cats and dogs do not have eccrine sweat glands in their skin, so they are not able to cool their bodies with sweat.
Do no take them to the beach - staying in the sun may be fun according to you but not necessarily to your dog. Besides, hygiene on the beach matters too - meaning pets toilet time.
And please, do not leave them in the car when you go to take care of your errands. Even when you think it will only take 5 or 10 minutes. They may not survive it.

The summer is here again. 

Take good care of your pet!


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