Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spring Makeup in Winter

 I enjoy playing with various tones of eye shadows and eye pencils. Whatever combination of colors I come up with, it is neither dramatic nor too unusual. It is always something simple which I can wear every day without looking (too) awkward.

Browsing my makeup bag, I came across a Kohl Duo eye pencil by Yves Rocher.
Duo Crayon Kohl: Rose irise/Bronze dore by Yves Rocher - both colors match also nude makeup nicely

The pink (rose irise) tip of the pencil made me think of the spring and spring flowers, which resulted in creating my spring makeup version:

  1. Pearl beige eye shadow - inner eye corner + eyebrow arch.
  2. Eyelids: Orange and green eye shadows (from Pearl Profusion Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette.
  3. Lower lash line: pearl beige (close to the inner eye corner) + green eye shadow line.
  4. Upper eye lash line: pink eye pencil by Yves Rocher.
Well, it all looks a bit different than in the pictures...

Professional lip pencil No. 12 by Collistar and lipstick Caresse 03 Lovely Rose by L'Oreal complement the spring eye makeup.
The shade of the lipstick is much lighter in real - matches the eye pink pencil

I cannot wait till the spring comes!

Dutch tulips in Ania's garden - picture by Ania L.

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