Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hats Are Fun!

I mean real hats. And we do like wearing hats because of various reasons. Besides being useful - when we want to protect ourselves/our heads from the weather conditions (both in the summer and the winter), a hat is also an important component of the outfit, as it gives the image the finishing and closing touch. It may add to the cuteness of the look or totally spoil it and make us look ridiculous.
That is why, it is important to find a hat which matches you and your face, and enhances your style in a flattering way.
Hats also makes the summer heat more bearable. Outfit: shirt and shorts made by myself.

While walking around a shopping center, we were also looking for some nice hats - trying hats on is fun too! To my disappointment, what we could see in most stores was totally not of my taste - not my 'kind of fairy tale' at all. All hats had too much of this and that, there was nothing I could call nice or at least entertaining. Surprisingly, we found many more interesting head covers (meaning both quality and design) in men's departments.
Since I am not very much familiar with American fashion stores, visiting a shopping mall is always  in a way similar  to doing sightseeing - we watch and learn new things too. Passing by a store, I saw two letters 'CC' above the door leading into the place. I wondered what the acronym stood for so we entered the 'CC'. Almost at the same moment we heard: 'Welcome to Charming Charlie'. So we knew/learned. And surprise! We discovered many cute bags, accessories there .... and my kind of hats too :).
We came back to Charming Charlie a few days later and I chose something for myself. Guess what it is!

I was glad to find out that CC has also got an online store - now I can browse their collections on the net and see it all live in the mall too.

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