Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hand Care: Hand Creams

Winter seems to have no end this year, at least in this part of the world. When it is so cold outside, it is good to remember that not only the face but also our hands need to be taken care of. Especially, if we happen to forget or skip wearing gloves. The hands skin exposed to the winter weather conditions dries out and gets damaged easily. Besides that, since I usually wash my hands often, doing all the housework at home, I need to support them with a hand balm all year round.
The creams which I have tried recently are:
 1. Fragrance free hand cream by Neutrogena - good treat for very dry, cracked and chopped hands, elbows and knees also (it contains glycerin which has moisturizing properties). If you are looking for a moisturizer only, the rich formula of the cream may seem to greasy. However, it can also be used, from time to time, (like a mask) as a special treatment to improve the hands/skin condition. Price: $4.99

2. Udderly Smooth Hand Cream - it does what it is expected: softens, smooths and moisturizes the dry skin. Its formula is quite light and non-greasy. The cream has a light and pleasant scent and it is easily absorbed by the skin. It contains (among others) glycerine, allantoin (which has healing properties) and lanolin. It stays on the skin even after washing the hands with a soap. Quite good for its price which was $1 (at Dollar Tree).
3. Nourishing Hand Cream - Honey & Organic Muesli - by Yves Rocher.
It is a very rich but also non-oily cream, good hand moisturizer, with an intense honey and acacia scent. Paraben, colorant and mineral oil free.
Organic ingredients:
  • acacia honey - softening properties,
  • honey and organic muesli - nourishing properties,
  • chestnut extract - protective properties,
  • oat extract - reperative properties,
  • sunflower oil - nourishing agent.
 Regular price: $7 (sometimes available with a 50% discount)

4. Long Lasting Moisturizing Hand Cream by Yves Rocher - I did enjoy using it. The tube had a very convenient, removable top (the same as the cream described above) which allowed using the product till the last drop. The cream moistened my hands really well without leaving a greasy film on the skin. It is paraben free.
Some of its ingredients:
  • glycerine,
  • coconut oil,
  • rapeseed oil,
  • arnica chamissonis flower extract,
  • carnauba wax,
  • allantoin.
Regular price: $7

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