Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How Many St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts Do You Have?

Krystyna, my friend, has gone on her life trip to China. I am very happy for her but I am also hoping, she will share her experiences on this blog when she comes back.

St. Patrick's Day has come again. At this time of the year, almost every store sells some Ireland related items. I like the idea of getting a special green T-shirt every year. Yet, I have had only three so far. How many St. Patty's Day Tees do you have?

A very interesting online store which offers all kind of goodies connected with, and made on the Emerald Island is ShopIrish.com. Looking through the things they have in stock, one can find gifts for everyone (from little babies to grandparents), including food and kitchen items, clothing and accessories, jewellery, home and garden pieces. Besides, they also sell special Celtic Christmas ornaments and gift cards. The prices at the store are quite reasonable, what is more, budget buyers can choose products under $25 also.
Another, but very different (including prices), place which offers genuine Irish products is National Geographic Store. I especially like the Irish sweaters and cardigans they have. Made of thick wool, most of them would not be very useful where we are, but it is nice to watch them and admire their textures and patterns.

One day, when I was doing a regular shopping, to my surprise, I came across quite an impressing St. Patrick's Day hat. It was made of a soft plush-like fabric with a gold, shiny clover pattern all over the hat. And that fluffy, feathery rim! Not only the quality of the hat surprised me so much. It was October, not the time of the year when you expect to find St. Patrick's Day items on the shelves. And the hat (the only one in that store) was simply lying there, like a green gem among the grayish winter hats. It really made my shopping time! Finally, even though I found a matching pair of green leather gloves, I did not buy the hat. I was simply not ready for that special green-and-gold treat. But trying it on was fun!

Find out more more about Ireland and St. Patrick's Day:
  • Ireland Guide by National Geographic,
  • St. Patrick and his life - this website (seems to be extremely busy today) is all about Ireland, with not only history facts but also Irish recipes, songs lyrics, games for kids, pen-pal's section and many more,
  • St. Patrick's Day traditions - if there is too much 'traffic' on the web-page and it does not open today, try to see the website later, it is really worth it.

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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