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Howard Family Line

Checking one of the direct family ancestry lines. I came across the missing link between our American/Texan Howards and the knights, noblemen of England. At the same, time I learned quite new things about the latter ones (who appear to be our direct ancestors as well).

 Here is the Howard line

Rachel Clementine Howard - our great-grandmother

her father  William James Howard - our great-great-grandfather

his father Jarrot Howard

his father Christopher Howard (b. 1774, Fairforest Creek, Union County, South Carolina/d. 8 October 1848, Kentucky) married Miss Rebecca Hayes in about 1795, Barren County, Kentucky. Rebecca was the daughter of Thomas Jesse and Mary Howard. She was born about 1775 in Province of North Carolina

his father Rev. Obediah Howard (b. 3 March 1741, Onslow Co., North Carolina/d. 4 Oct. 1804, Tompkinsville, Barren County, Kentucky) + wife Priscilla Avery Breed - more about them in this post

his father Stephen Edmund Howard (b. 18 March 1694, Nansemond, Virginia/d. about 1745, New River, Onslow, North Carolina) + wife Sarah Sanders, a daughter of John Sanders and Phoebe Thomas, born in North Carolina in about 1709. Stephen and Sarah married about 1720, NC.

his father James Obediah Howard (b. circa 1660, Kingsdale, Virginia/d. about 1729, Bertie, North Carolina) - in Nansemond, Virginia he married Miss Sarah Crea nee Titus (b. 11 Dec. 1702, New Kent County, Virginia), the daughter of  Mr. Thomas Titus and Miss Mary Warren Chown

his mother  Mary (Chowan) Howard (b. about 1650, prob. Anne Arundel County/d. 21 April 1721, Bertie, North Carolina), her husband was Edward Francis Howard (b. about 1640, London, Middlesex, England/d. /d. 19 April 1722, Bertie, North Carolina

There has been a dispute among researches regarding who Edward's parents were. Some say it might have been John Howard Sr. and Elizabeth Locke (see below), others find it doubtful.

Here the line goes directly to either Matthew Howard or Mary's mother Anne Hall. Some sources mention Matthew Howard as Mary's father, some say it was Mr. Thomas Chowan because Anne had more than one husband.

Here we come from England to the New World

her mother Anne (Hall) Chowan Howard (b. 25 Oct. 1610, Felmersham, Bedfordshire, England/d. about 1658, Anne Arundel County, Province of Maryland

River Ouse, Felmensham, Bedfordshire, England

her husband Matthew Howard* (b. 1609,  Essex, England/d. 8 July 1659, Anne Arundel County, Province of Maryland) - probably emigrated to Virginia in the 1630s, later relocated to Maryland

his father John Howard Sr. (1 Dec. 1578, Brockdish Hall, Norfolk, England/d.  4 April 1672, Norwich, Norfolk, England) married Elizabeth Locke (b. about 1580, England) on 26 Nov. 1606 in England

Pulls Ferry, Norwich, Norfolk, England

 and here is a controversial connection

his father Robert Howard (b. 5 Jan. 1537, Syon House, London, England/d. 1578, Tibenham, Norfolk, England) - there is a story about him being the son of

his father Lord Thomas Howard (b. about 1511) and his wife Lady Margaret Douglas (b. 8 Oct. 1515, Harbottle, Northumberland, England) who was the daughter of Margaret Tudor.

Harbottle Lake, England

Thomas was Mary Boleyn's uncle. Margaret's uncle was Henry VIII. Allegedly, the two (Margaret and Thomas) married secretly in April 1536, without the consent of King Henry.

The affair was serious as Margaret was the next candidate to the throne after her uncle. Anyway, the king got angry, had both Thomas and Margaret locked up in the Tower of London and annulled their marriage. Thomas Howard died in The Tower prison on 31 Oct. 1537. Margaret survived the family drama - Henry pardoned and released her.

I have "found" Robert by accident, while checking another family tree branch, not really looking for him.

Some genealogists deny this family relation and claim that Robert was not born in Syon House, and he actually was the son of John Howard the Knight. However, if his parental line is true, there would have been reasons for denying the lineage. I am not a historian, so I do not have any proof on who Robert's parents were, but in my opinion, with the illegitimate children that Henry had, a legitimate son of a socially and politically inconvenient and unwanted union could have been possible as well.

his father Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk (b. about 1443, Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, England/d. 21 May 1524, Framlingham Castle, Suffolk, England) married Lady Elizabeth Tilney

Tendring Hall, front door, Stoke-by-Nayland, England

his father John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk (b. about 421/d. 22 August 1485, Battle of Bosworth Field, Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, England) - knighted by King Edward IV, Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk (1461), admitted to the Order of the Garter (1472), supporter of King Richard III - married Catherine Moleyns, daughter of Sir William Moleyns + wife Margery

his father Robert Howard of Tendring, Knight (b. about 1385, Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, England/d. 1 April 1437, Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, England) married Lady Margaret Mowbray, daughter of Thomas de Mowbray, 4th Earl of Norfolk

his father Sir John Howard of Wiggenhall, Knight (b. 1366/d. 17 Nov. 1437, Jeruzalem) married Alice Tendring, daughter of Sir William Tendring

St Mary Magdalene Church, Wiggenhall, England

* There is also another Matthew Howard recorded in family trees. Although he was born about 1609 in England and died in Anne Arundel, Maryland as well, he seems to be a different person than the Matthew mentioned above.

See the other Matthew's line: 

 his father Thomas Howard, 21st Earl of Arundel (b. 7 July 1585, England/d. 4 Oct. 1646, Padua, Italy)

his father Philip Howard, 20th Earl of Arundel (b. 25 June 1557, Strand, London, England/d. 19 Oct. 1595, Tower of London)

his father Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk (b. about 1537, Norfolk, England/d. 30 Sept. 1572, beheaded, Tower Hill, London, England)

his father Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (b. about 1517/d. 1546/47, accused of treason and executed, London, England)

his father Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk (b. about 1473, Norfolk, England/d. 25 August 1554, Kenninghall, Norfolk, England) - a brother of Lord Thomas Howard

his father Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk - here we come back to the family line described above which goes to Sir John Howard of Winneghall, Knight


Harbottle Lake: By Martin Kirk, CC BY-SA 2.0,
Tendring Hall: By Peter French, CC BY-SA 2.0,
Pulls Ferry, Norwich, Norfolk, England: By Stuart Bassil - Flickr: Pulls Ferry, CC BY 2.0,
St Mary Magdalene Church: By Lewis Collard - Own work, CC BY 3.0,

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