Monday, December 14, 2015

Concert by Institute for Women Conductors

Having been busy with various Christmas projects and everyday life matters, I do not want to miss telling you about a wonderful event we attended at the Dallas Winspear Opera on Saturday, December 5th. It was the final concert of this year edition of the Program by Institute for Women Conductors. We had not heard much about the Institute and its works so when we got the tickets, we did not know what to expect. However, we hoped it would be at least good orchestra music.

The concert was much more than we thought it would be - it was a truly amazing experience. I need to mention, that neither of us had seen women conductors 'in action' before. During the concert six ladies conducted the Dallas Opera Orchestra. Some of the women were a lot more expressive than male conductors happened to be. Anyway, a few instrumental pieces by different composers were presented - great, professional performance meaning both the conductors and the musicians. Besides, each of the lady conductors led the orchestra to accompany the Dallas Opera singers. How beautiful their voices were! I was especially impressed by the resonant sopranos but it was also all the singers who made the performance great. They not only sang but created some mini drama acting as well. It added a lot to the concerto - thanks to the singers' role playing, it had some sad and funny elements too.
It was a night to remember indeed! Next year, we will try to see the concert by the Institute for Women Conductors again.

The Linda and Mitch Hart Institute for Women Conductors was founded to support talented female  conductors and help them develop their career.
Last year over one hundred women conductors from twenty-seven applied for the program. Its schedule included (among others) seminars and discussions, conducting the Dallas Opera Orchestra and master classes led by specialists in the field of conducting.

You can read more about the Institute for Women Conductors and its Program here.

If you are a lady conductor (of forty years of age and younger) you can apply now for the next Institute Program edition.

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