Tuesday, May 19, 2015

About Irish Music & Celtic Woman

I have always liked traditional Irish music. That was why I also played Irish songs to my students. However, before coming to the US, I had no opportunity to see any live performance of that kind.
Since my arrival in TX, we have been to North Irish Texas Festival - great bands and atmosphere!
My husband has also introduced me to Celtic Woman who are quite popular here. Last year we saw their 'Emerald' concert live. Both of us were totally delighted - with the music and the entire performance too.
No need to say that we were quite happy when we learned we would be able to enjoy one of their live 10th Anniversary productions. We were not disappointed again - just the opposite. The live shows by Celtic Woman were much more impressing than all the TV programs and videos which we had seen.

The name Celtic Woman is mostly associated with the female singers and their divine voices, and also with the sparkling 'Butterfly', a very skilful violin player. Although they are, of course, the faces of the 'brand', the enterprise called Celtic Woman is much more than the talented and attractive ladies. There are many more people who create the show. Except the ones who work 'behind the stage', there are also supporting singers, fantastic Irish tap dancers, all the instrumentalists: bagpipers, drummers, percussionists, piano player and others. Without them all - it would be quite a different Celtic Woman - just another singing group.

Whoever is responsible for the lights, does tremendous job to, as the light frame is a very important part of every Celtic Woman concert. The lights make each of them a multidimensional event, what you actually cannot really see while watching a TV recording/ a video. Comparing to a live production, what we can perceive on TV seems really flat. What is more, the colors of the lights very much add to the atmosphere of the programs. Nothing is accidental in a performance by Celtic Woman. While watching it, one can see how much work has been done. Every single detail has been polished perfectly, which (among others) makes all the dances look so effortless and every show so much enjoyable. Thanks to the work of the entire Celtic Woman, each of their live performances is quite an unforgettable experience. In my case - the waterproof makeup helped a lot.

Having watched and listened to them I wish we could go to Ireland some day...

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