Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Ultimate Buffet Experience At Pizza Inn

There is one restaurant in my home city which serves a buffet type lunch. Since it has not been a popular way of having meals where I come from - I have no idea what is served at that place. I never found it interesting enough to check it. Anyway, all buffet kind of places and experiences have been new to me too.
We went first time to our local Pizza Inn a few months ago. We enjoyed their pizza so, some time later, we also decided to have their buffet meal. That was fun!
First of all I loved the salad I made myself, I was also delighted with the taste of the dressing I chose. I do not know what it was called, but it reminded me the taste of the salads I had used to have when in Poland. Perfect!
And the pizzas - so many different kinds to try! I needed to taste all of them just to make up my mind, and to know, which ones would be of my first choice during our next visits at Pizza Inn. There were also some spaghetti sauces and pasta but I was not able to have it all. Besides, I preferred pizzas and something I called 'cheese bread'. So good! We very much enjoyed the food and the service too: the waitresses were attending us kindly all the time, asking how we were and bringing drink refills.
And when they loudly called out the names of new foods/pizzas they were placing on the buffet every few minutes, people were standing up, going to the buffet, grabbing plates to get new pieces of something. Such fun! Of course we had more food than we usually do (I wished I had been able to eat more!). We also tried their cinnamon breads, very tasty, but my favorite dessert was plain vanilla pudding. It wonderfully completed the meal - nothing could taste better at the end of the Ultimate Buffet Feast Experience.

We loved it all and really enjoyed our buffet meal at Pizza Inn. Wonderful food and great service. Surely we are going to come back to the place in some time. And have fun again!

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