Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My First Baseball Game

When I lived in Europe, I saw many movies including some 'baseball episodes', showing the sport/ players in one way or another. However, since it is not the most popular sport on the old continent, watching it was rather similar to watching remote planets - interesting but you do not really care about them. Besides, I did not have the faintest idea what the rules of the game are. My mum mentioned something about it a few times as she used to play the game when she was young (it was quite popular in Europe in the 40s and 50s, however it was not called baseball). Anyway, it seemed to me as remote as what I could see in the movies.

Some time ago I experienced my first ever live baseball game. Going to the stadium I still did not know what to expect but was really looking forward to the event.

Thanks to my husband, who is also my baseball guide, I could understand what was going on during the game. It was all so surprisingly enjoyable! The atmosphere was very laid back comparing to a soccer match. The latter one, with its two, most often quite tense parts, often involves some more or less violent encounters including both players and spectators. The baseball game and so many breaks connected with the sports rules, with cheerful music, funny elements provided by the event organizers, people chanting and truly having fun, made it a very pleasant and relaxing evening/time.

Being there and enjoying it all, I finally understood why it is such a most popular pass-time here. It is much more than just baseball itself but of course the sport is the main and most important part here.
When the game ended I wished it had lasted longer. It was such fun! And guess what, Texas Rangers won, which also added a lot to a perfect, my first ever, baseball game.

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