Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How To Make Clothes Last Longer & Save On Electricity

Some pieces of clothing should not be dried in the dryer because of obvious reasons: fabrics/designs are too delicate, high temperatures weaken the thread and, in the result of it, destroy our socks, blouses and other wardrobe items (including jeans). Recently, I have read a piece of advice shared by a famous denim clothes manufacturer - informing that jeans will last longer, if they are not dried in the dryer.
Anyway, it is all not new to me. That is why when I moved to the US, I was trying to find a solution to it. I neither could use a washing line, nor set it anywhere. That was why I frequently 'decorated' the bathroom with wet clothes. It was very inconvenient though. Especially on the days of 'bigger' washing. I did not like it also because some pieces (such as T-shirts) were not supposed to be stretched on hangers. They were simply losing their quality/nice look and shape then.
Finally, I decided to look for something which I could find useful - I meant a drying rack I had known from Europe. First I checked the nearby stores - big and small ones - drying racks seemed to be an unknown invention here. I was surprised and disappointed as I did not mean anything unusual (well, the thing is something very usual in Europe). Then I searched the net and I was really happy when I found it at amazon.com: the drying rack which has been part of almost each and every household in other part of the world. The metal rack has a very practical and quite a solid design, and the four plastic cups on its legs protect the floor. However, the clothes or other items, need to be drained well before they are placed on the metal lines. In other case, you can destroy the rack structure when the washing (eg. towels) is too heavy. Not to mention flooding the floor.
Although the rack itself does not take much space, a lot of washing can be hung on its lines. When not used, you can fold it and hide it somewhere in a closet. What is more, the design of the rack is very stable too. The one I used previously lasted many years.
I am very glad I have something like that here! Thanks to it, I can not only protect our clothes but also save on electricity as I do not have to run the dryer again and again.
The drying rack - a simple thing but so very convenient and useful!

Picture from: amazon.com


  1. I need one of those as well!

  2. It is easy to get them in Europe I think. You can always at amazon