Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Makeup - Natural Look Option

Although a black eyeliner was my very first eye makeup item, I have always enjoyed various, rather bright, colors in eye makeup. Here is one of my options (usually, the colors of my clothing influence the colors of the makeup) for a natural look - it involves more shades than a typical natural image but it is still quite soft, and I enjoy wearing it.

1. Eyes
  • eye pencil - white by Lumene

to apply to the inner eye corner and below the eyebrow arch;

  • eye shadows: a) sparkling champagne, b) beige + light brown, c) 2 shades of green, d) gold
Wet & Dry Double Effect Eyeshadow by Collistar
to apply to the white eye pencil spots;

b) light beige - apply to the upper lid, crease with the light brown shade;
Eye shadows of Yria collection by Yves Rocher

c) mix the two green shades and color the outer eye corner area, including drawing a line along the 1/3 of the lower eyelashes line;
 The pearl green shades come from 77 Color Eyeshadow Pallette by Profusion

d) gold - to apply to the center of the upper eyelid - for a less pale look;

This eyeshadow by Yves Rocher contains soothing virgin organic sweet almond (rich in vitamin E). It enhaces hte eye and adds a luminous and sparkling touch to a rather pale look.
  • waterproof eye pencil by Bourjois - to define the upper eye lashes line

More or less it all looks like this (scary? Well, hadn't drawn since the end of the 80s :) ).

2. Lips
a) lip liner - orange or natural
I wrote more on this lip liner here.
b) lipstick

This moisturizing cream lipstick by Yves Rocher contains sesame oil. It stays on the lips long, hydrates them and gives rather sheer, satiny and delicately luminous coverage.

Have a wonderful holidaytime!

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