Monday, December 29, 2014

Bath Time: Epsom Salt + Something Else

From to time, we enjoy taking a nice, warm bath. Epsom Salt, called also ' bitter salt', is not just a mineral bath salt - it is much more. Magnesium sulfate MgSO4 (of PH neutral to the skin) is a great bath addition because of its properties beneficial to the body. Epsom Salt contains magnesium and sulfur which make the bath time not only relaxing but also improve the condition of the skin - soften and smooth it (we usually use one cup of Epsom Salt for a bath). After a long day, the Salt helps us also treat the tired and aching feet - soaking them in warm water + some Epsom Salt soothes minor skin cuts/grazes and sprains too.
To get more info on the Epsom Salt properties and how to use it, we advise you to read the instructions provided on your Epsom Salt package.

Another product which we enjoy using to improve the quality of the soaking bath is 100 % Pure Menthol Eucalyptus Oil by Power Industries Inc. Just a few drops of the oil makes the bath time a fragrant experience
Menthol - obtained from peppermint oil/other mint oils - gives a cooling and refreshing feel on the skin.
Eucalyptus Oil - has antiseptic, stimulating and energizing properties - kills germs and bacteria, improves blood circulation, helps to decongest upper respiratory tract and soothe minor muscle pains.

Luckily, we are not allergic to these oils as we really like having the aromatic bath every now and then.

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