Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Long Flight Essentials

Last week we came back from our November trip. The travel itself was very long - it took us 24 hours and three plane connections to get from Texas to my home place in Poland. Therefore, I am going to tell you what items helped me survive such a long journey.

First of all, no makeup (besides some bronzer and a little of powder, to avoid the shiny nose effect). During the long travel, spending hours at the airports and on the planes there would have been no time - and no mood - to remove the makeup and do my usual face care routine.

The air conditioned environment (planes and airports again) made my skin dry, that was why I was carrying my first aid moisturizing kit.

The containers were small enough to have them in the carry on luggage.

1. Vitamin face mist (paraben free and alcohol free) by Yves Rocher.

After about five-six hours since our travel started, the skin on my face started 'shrinking'. I could feel it needed some support. The pink grapefruit mist refreshed it and provided an instant revitalizing moisture.

2. My regular under-eye cream. Yes! The under eye areas were crying for help too!

3. A small box of Nivea cream - classic moisturizer brought a relief to my face during the 10-hour flight. One application on my cheeks and my face skin needed no more till the end of our journey.

A few minutes after spraying my face with the vitamin mist, I applied the under eye cream _ The Nivea cream - cheeks and forehead. It felt really good and prevented the face skin from the return of the 'dry-shrinking' feel.

There was something more, not for my face, though...

For my feet and legs comfort.
When we got to our seats on the plane (the longest flight), it was so good to be able to take off my boots and wear the comfy home shoes. At least during those 24 hours of travel, my legs/feet could rest too and I did not have to wear boots all the time.

To sum up, if you ever happen to travel for hours/spend so many hours on the plane, make sure you have your travel essentials in your carry on luggage. They do not take much space but may help to make your trip more enjoyable and easier.

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