Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Footwear & Climate Change

If you think about shoes and climate, probably you mean: summertime - sandals or flip flops, winter - boots, rain - rubber boots. At least I used to think only about such footwear and climate possible connections.

Moving to Texas, besides many other things and pieces of clothing, I also brought quite a few pairs of shoes and boots. All of them were made in Europe. To my surprise, not long ago after my arrival in the State, some shoes started falling apart. No, they were not old. It was the glue. In the hot Texas weather, the European glue is simply disappearing. I am not sure why, but the local air and heat have certainly something to do with it. Anyway, the shoes get totally dry, straps and soles simply fall off. I like my shoes, so I am not happy about what is going on. We try to fix what can be repaired, but unfortunately, not always it is possible. I had to throw away a couple of pairs, including quite elegant black velvet pumps.

Where are you European glue?

fixing my shoes with some 'super glue'

That is not the only thing which is happening to European footwear in Texas climate. Although  I polish my shoes regularly (to keep them neat and moisturize the leather), despite my efforts, the drying process has affected some of my boots too. As a result of it, they tend to molt like snakes when they get rid of their skin layers. The surface peels off which makes it look really ugly. That was why, some time ago, I had to throw away a very nice cowboy-like boots.
Well, it is a pity as both my shoes and boots are not only cute or/and fancy but comfortable as well.

another pair to go to the trash bin

All in all, last year that I bought myself a new pair of winter boots. They were made here so, hopefully, I will enjoy wearing them longer.

Have you got new shoes for me to try them on? Soon will need to get some.....

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  1. I never even considered how the Texas climate affects my shoes! I had something similar happen to a pair of Tory Burch pumps of mine, the glue deteriorated on the sole. Luckily a spot of E6000 glue fixed it up :)