Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Our NTIF 2016

Last year, the ice storm made us skip the North Texas Irish Festival. Those cold weather conditions messed up the entire event too. That was why we were quite happy with this year forecast - nice and warm temperatures and no wind. Perfect for an outdoor festival!

We enjoyed it all - walking and looking around, watching the stalls and displays, music and dance performances and the Irish spirit in general. As usual, we visited all the pavilions, including the one with rescue dogs ready for adoption.

Furthermore, we were glad we came across one of our favorite musicians: Mr Morrison of Scotland. We like the songs he plays/sings. Since I lived most of my life by the Baltic Sea coast, I am quite fond of shanties and lively shanty like music. Here, in Texas such tunes remind me of the sea, tall ships, sailors, shanty men and all what used to be part of my 'landscape' for so many years.
Mr Morrison performed with the Jed Marum band - good music and a really enjoyable concert.
It was a great day indeed!

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