Friday, August 21, 2015

My Place in Poland

The is the English version of the post created for the holiday project of  'The Polish Ladies Abroad Club'. In July and August bloggers, members of the club, write entries on their favorite spots in Poland.

My place in Poland, the place I like most and which I miss most is
Gdynia - my city.
Gdynia is situated in northern Poland, by the Baltic Sea. It is quite young, as for a city. It was granted with the city rights in 1926. Although Gdynia is rather large - it has a lot of newer and older districts  - it is the city center which I love most. The center is neither too big nor too small. Just right to me. 

Gdynia - City Hall

When in the center, you can easily get on foot to each and every place of this part of the city. Walking along the streets you can visit local stores, shopping centers, bars, fast food places or cafes. If you get too tired to walk, there are trolleybuses which can take you from one side of Gdynia center to the other.

When you are done with shopping, there is Kosciuszko Square - just a few steps from the main street - where you can rest on one of the benches, admire the city fountain and colorful flower beds or go to the nearby marina.

Gdynia means also Polish Navy and Polish Sailors
Kosciuszko Square - Monument to Polish Sailor

The Kosciuszko Square wharf is home to Polish Naval Craft Museum 'Błyskawica' (Lightning) and the Maritime Academy sailing ship ' Dar Młodzieży' (Gift of Youth).

ORP Blyskawica
Dar Mlodziezy
Kosciuszko Square and Sea Towers

If you feel like enjoying a sea adventure, you can board one of the passenger ships and cruise around Gdańsk Bay, Port of Gdynia, go to Gdańsk, Sopot or (by ferry) to Hel Peninsula.

If you are a 'beach person', you can easily reach the city beach walking through the Square park.

Sunbathing is not your cup of tea? Cross the beach and you will reach the seaside boulevard, which is quite popular with Gdynia citizens.

While visiting Gdynia center, do not miss its Stone Mountain (Kamienna Góra). Climb it (going up the stairs) or use a lift and you will be rewarded with a view over the city, marina, beach and port.

Panorama of Gdynia

The park created on the slope of The Mountain is worth mentioning too. In the summer, on Sunday evenings live music concerts take place there.
The City Aquarium is another tourist (and not only)  attraction situated at Kosciuszko Square. Many interesting ocean creatures, including sharks, live in the Aquarium tanks.

The Aquarium building (in the background)
Not far from the Aquarium, there is also the Museum of Gdynia (for those ones who are interested in the history of the city) and the Polish Navy Museum.

Engineer Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski was the constructor of Gdynia seaport

Polish Navy Museum exposition

Gdynia is a really interesting city, well taken care of by its Council. All year round, numerous cultural and educational events (including entertainment) are organized here. There is always something interesting to see or/and attend: festivals, exhibitions, music concerts, sports tournaments, tall ship races and many others.

On St. John's Day (June 21) a merry parade marches along the main center street (St. John's Street).

Maritime Academy representatives
Polish Navy Orchestra (plays best)

And there is also quite a different day, and quite a different procession... 

... Corpus Christi celebrations in Gdynia

Gdynia has its wooden pier too, you will not find it in the city center though. 

Gdynia Orłowo - view from the pier

Besides it all, I miss the sea breeze, the wind from the sea, which makes the air fresh and pleasant on heat days.

The beach is beautiful not only in the summer...

Although there are many beautiful places in the world, Gdynia will always be one of the most beautiful ones to me. Why? The answer is simple: Because it is 'my' Gdynia.

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