Thursday, November 6, 2014

Summer Favourites

Summer days are gone, it is getting cooler, sudden snowfall has already appeared in some places. The days when we were missing cooler weather and lower temperatures were not so long ago, that is why we would like to tell you about some of our favorite, everyday summer treats. On hot and humid summer days I found them quite useful.
1.  Waterproof mascara - Luminelle - by Yves Rocher 
It worked well - applying it was quite nice and quick - no lashes glued together, no clods, a bit volumizing but still natural effect/look. It didn't smear even on very humid days and did not irritate my eyes. There was no problem with removing the mascara with eye makeup remover. It is a pity the product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
2. Double Wear Light Stay-in-Place Makeup by Estee Lauder
It does stay in place and looked nice on my face even when the temperatures outside were reaching 100F. When I first applied it on my face, I thought it would be drying my skin but actually it didn't. It really lasted long and is quite light - I didn't feel it on my face even when I was wearing it all day long.
It is good for 'bigger' and 'smaller' summer outings and workdays too. It gives quite light coverage (which I enjoyed) and at the same time did not look like a mask on my face. However, it is important to shake the tube well before applying the makeup. At least, the better I shook it, the better it worked for me.
The manufacturer provides the Double Wear makeup in several shades and it is fragrance free (luckily). This is something I would definitely buy again.
3. Waterproof eye pencil - flashy silver 02 - by Sephora
The eye pencil is my summer eye color 'tool' no. 1.  During hot and sunny days, when it was not very comfortable to wear regular eye makeup, this touch of flashy white added a lightening touch to my look. Well, the color of the pencil is white - it has some little, sparkling silver particles - nothing too glamorous, just a really delicate accent. I put it on the middle parts of my upper eyelids and below the outer eyebrow corners. It lasted long, despite the heat, and it didn't crease or melt into my eyes. The pencil, including its inner part, is very soft which makes it not very efficient, it was worth its price though.
4. Solutions plus+ Total Radiance - visual perfection tint release moisturizer SPF 20 - by Avon
On hot summer days, when I did not want to wear any makeup, but also wanted to give my face something more than a bare, pale look, I treated it with this product. It worked like a hydrating cream but was a bit different than other tinted  moisturizers. It contained tiny balls of light brownish, sparkling pigment which  were mixing into the almost transparent, creamy base during the application. It gave my face a fresh and shiny look, no matter how hot and humid outside was. I also liked how light it felt on my face. However, it did not cover skin imperfections which was a small disadvantage. Anyway, it kept my skin relaxed and moisturized, and there was no need to reapply or correct it during the time.
5. COLORTREND pencil play - white - by Avon Cosmetics
This eye pencil is a bit harder than #3 but I have found it soft enough to put it gently on the inner corners of my eyes and draw lines on the inner lower eyelids (water line). The white is eye-friendly, 'opens' my eyes and gives a bright look.
6. Avon Naturals body renewing body spray - black cherry & nutmeg
Just a pleasantly scented alcohol free body spray. The fragrance is not too strong - sweet cherry with light nutmeg accent. Much better to wear on sunny days than any great perfume as no alcohol makes it skin friendly. Also, the light scent doesn't 'choke' or bother with too strong notes.
7. Blusher in Pearls

The pearls I have been using are actually a mix of two products: Sun Touch Blusher in Pearls by Wibo (some of the pink pearls) and blushing pearls by Oriflame. They give my face satin, natural but also a bit sparkling colours, shape it nicely, and do not dry my skin. Easy to apply evenly with a smaller brush.

8. Sheer & Shine Lipstick by Yves Rocher
It is quite a good alternative to a regular lipstick or lip gloss, especially meaning the summer days but not only. Gives a fresh and soft look, covers my lips with a light moisturizing layer of pastel, radiant color. The stick is a bit thinner and smaller than most lipsticks (2g) but quite long-lasting.
9. Nourishing lip balm  with Sweet Almond Oil by Yves Rocher
This balm stick is actually quite useful all year round. Hydrates my lips, softens and protects the delicate skin and makes my lips look nice. Sometimes I use it also before applying a lipstick. The stick is soft but quite solid at the same time - it doesn't melt or change its form during spreading it on lips.
10. Powdered blotting paper by Sephora
I found it very handy in the summertime. The blotting sheets are not big (the package doesn't take much space in a purse) but helped with keeping my face dry and mat without wiping of the makeup. Useful but it could be a bit cheaper.
11. Flawless Finish Concealer - Dark Circle Corrector Stick by Yves Rocher
I almost forgot to mention it. The concealer does what the manufactures says: 'Naturally hides dark circles and blemishes'. The texture of the stick is not too rich and not too thick - so it is quite good for a summer outing. Covers my darker under-eye spots  quite well and gives the look a nice finish. The concealer contains Musk Rose Oil softening and soothing the under-eye area. I like it although after a few hours of wearing it, the corrector dries my skin a bit, which makes little fine lines more visible (a good under-eye moisturizer applied before makeup time solves the problem). On the other hand, it doesn't irritate my eyes/skin and is quite light. More over, the stick makes the application of the concealer quite comfortable. Available in two shades. Photo friendly.

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