Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hand-Washing Time: Extra Moisturizing Hand Wash by Jergens

The hand wash by Jergens reminded me the tap water in Cyprus. It was amazing (both the tap water and Cyprus itself). At the beginning of our stay there, I thought it was the hotel soap that was making the water so soft and silky, so I was wondering where I could get such nice hand soap. Later I realized it was the water itself - perhaps something was added to it that changed its properties and made it so soft. I do not know for sure what it was but the softness of the water made the skin soft and moist too.

The hand wash by Jergens gives a similar, pleasant, silky feel during washing the hands. The liquid soap does not foam much but it cleans well. After using it my hands do not cry for hand balm so much as they usually do when I wash them with water only. Also, the light cherry-almond scent of the wash is noticeable during using it.
Quite a good thing especially considering its price - which was $1.

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