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  • We accept family friendly items for review purposes including such categories as eg. beauty, cooking, baking and kitchen items, dinnerware, household items, men's and ladies' apparel (clothing, accessories & jewelry), computing and technology.
  • Reviews are free of charge.
  • To write a review, we require a full-size product which will not be returned.
  • If you want to introduce us to products manufactured by your company and send us a free item, please note, we do not cover any cost of shipping.
  • We provide our own opinion on a given product - which we describe in a blog entry. We will write and post our review within 4/6 weeks from the day of receiving your product. However, the time frame may be a topic of discussion and adjusted to your specific needs.
  • Please do not ask us to write a positive comment on something we do not like - we will not do it. In the case of a negative opinion (which sometimes may happen) on a particular item, we will contact you by email - you can decide on the withdrawal of this review.
  • We do not write reviews based on pictures only.
  • If we receive an item for free, it is mentioned in the post describing the particular product.

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  • We do not agree to advertise items which we have not used personally.
  • Compensation may influence the content of a post but we share our honest opinion on the advertised product(s).
  • If we receive compensation, it is clearly indicated in the post on the particular product. 

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